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Tojo - the story


Tojo was established in 1985.

Miro was playing as guest guitarist with his friends' school band, lead by guitarist Jacek Kukułka. After very short time Jacek died in a car accident, and the band was dismantled. 

Miro was looking for musicians and asked guys to play with him. He named the band "Tojo" (something that - beside maybe Japanese name) has no meaning in any other known to him languages. Tojo was definitely inspired by the music from The Police, mostly the bass lines and the ascetic guitar playing (in terms of notes per second), and fully panoramic sound landmarks (in term of harmony and space - filled with lot of chorus and delay).

There was one material recorded in some small studio in Warsaw in summer 1986, yet - it was never officially released. The band was playing some gigs around Warsaw, gathering some local fans, but de facto never managed to reach professional level. Partially because boys were still teenagers in the final years of their schools, partially, because they've been not really looking to release their material.

And then was Miro, who had already idea for different band, differently sounding, playing more rock oriented music.

Tojo reminded the ambitious school band. With lot of promising  music, promising musicians and internal promises that "one day we'll rule the world". They day is still to come, guys :-)

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