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Tojo - 1986




Digitally remastered material from 1986. 

Recorded in small studio in Warsaw (Żerań) which name nobody can recall.

This is the music inspired by The Police. Rock base with reggae vibes coming from ostinatos on bass, wide chorus, and delay on guitar used as another instrument. Miro was using lot of BOSS effect pedals played through custom 50 watt bass combo amplifier.

This music always had good vibe and still sounds good after all those years.


Recorded 1986, Żerań, Warsaw.

- Miro - guitars and vocals

- Slawek - bass guitar

- Zbyszek - drums

- Jarek - guitar, synthesizer

All songs written and arranged by Miro, except 10 - Jacek Kukułka, Sławek Antos.

Digitally remastered in 2018.

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