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The whole life

is music.

"Since always there was music. Music that I was making, but mostly music that I listened to. And when there was no music, I would like to listen to, I was writing one.

Cannot imagine life without the rhythm and music."


From 1986, when Miro recorded first material with Tojo, to 2021. You have the chance to learn about the noises occupying someone's head. You have the chance to learn about the person, musician, writer. His feelings and his way to see the surrounding world.


Tojo - 1986

Recorded in 1986, the very first and only Tojo material.

BAD Monday - 1

BAD Monday 1 Year 1991

BAD Monday - Live! at S4

The live, farewell album from BAD Monday. Year 1996.

4TuneMan - Roots

Going back to musical roots. First 4TuneMan album. Year 2003.

4TuneMan - W hołdzie Kobietom

A tribute to women. Acoustic songs. Year 2003.

4TuneMan - Transgalera

Illustrative music to a movie, that was never screened. Year 2004.

4TuneMan - 4TuneMan - These Songs Were Not Means For Me

Songs that were not meant for Miro. Demo album. Year 2012.

4TuneMan - BAD Monday 30 years later

Incoming 4TuneMan album - BAD Monday 30 Years later.

4TM-CantStop (radio version)

New single from the BAD Monday 30 Years later album.

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