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BAD Monday 30 Years later

Preview demo of new, unreleased album.

There is always the danger, that by remaking something, you will end up with a piece of crap, that will never be accepted by those, who still know the original.

How is that in this case?

"BAD Monday 30 years later" is recorded vigorously. Energetic, with great brass section. Yet, it is much more organic and less rock based as the original BAD Monday records.

Miro is 30 years older. He plays differently. He sings differently. Yet, he is the same rebel as he was then. There are a few songs that sound much better than the original versions, like "Walking On The Edge", "Big Little Ruler" or "Shotgun Boogie". There are also a few songs never officially released before, available until now only on some bootlegs.

"Walter Is Dead" and "Easy Music" are opening very personal perspective on Miro's view to the surrounding world. "NSNFC (Nursery Song Not For Children)" is kicking enormously, and "Can't Stop" with fantastic Elena Ravelli singing female parts is rocking as always.

With "BAD Monday 30 years later" 4TuneMan offers nice addition for all old BAD Monday fans. Also it is an interesting way to play a tribute to his old musician friends Daniel and Andrzej, who were creating history of the band, but passed away many years ago.


Recorded in new Simple Studios, Luxembourg, July 2021.

- Miro - vocals, guitars, Roland Aerophone, keyboards, programming.

- Elena Ravelli - female vocal on "Can't Stop".

- Holy Metal Notes - additional brass section.

- Session musicians for additional drums and bass tracks.


All songs written and arranged by Miro.

Engineered and produced by Miro.

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