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BAD Monday

Live! at S4

S4 was probably the best (in 1996 surely the best) recording studio in Poland. Every musician was dreaming to record there. Guys from BAD Monday were very excited with the possibility to record there their live, farewell album.


They were perfectly prepared, although you cannot really hear that on that recording. To excuse them a bit, few facts that happened just before the event. The recording date was shifted one week just few hours before the planned date. The trombone player received a scholarship at the conservatory in Vienna, and simply must leave. The replacement was found just two days before the gig. Daledet was involved in project in marketing company and Miro cut off the tip of his left little finger while making the dinned just the very day before the gig (he played it all using only three fingers).

There was no more BAD Monday, and everyone felt that, the band, the crew in recording studio, and the fans.


So, there was no more BAD Monday, but some time later in Canada some guys created another BAD Monday group. They even used sometimes the very first Bad Monday logotype (just check the ;-) But according to Miro: "they played well, they kicked with that primal energy!". :)


"Live! At S4" - sad because of the circumstances, but still very energetic and nicely rocking band at your services! "Shotgun boogie", "Go away!", "Walter is dead", "61 years old ladies hero" or "Can't Stop" - those songs are showing the band could bring much more on the scene. But the time was up.


Recorded July 1996 at S4, Polish Radio studio (Warsaw).

- Miro - vocals, guitars, three fingers blizzards

- Claudia - backing vocals

- Jacek Jaroszewicz- bass guitar

- Piotr Kaliński - drums

- Daledet - trumpet

- Rest of the Holy Metal Notes - alto sax and trombone

Engineered by Stanisław Bokowy.

Produced by Stanisław Bokowy & Miro.


All songs written and arranged by Miro.

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