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W hołdzie Kobietom

Can you, as a man provide the proper tribute to women?

Miro tried to do that. "I was writing songs inspired by many women. My mother, my wives, daughter, friends, lovers, or just random women I was spotting on the streets. I realized, it is time to compile some of those songs and share. With them and other possible listeners. With you all".


This is how the idea of this album was born, and why it was recorded. To pay the tribute and bow the head in front of them all.



Recorded at Simple Studios, Warsaw, August, 2003.

- Miro: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, midi guitar, percussion, programming.


All songs written by Miro, except:

02 - music Cheb Khaled, Polish text - Miro

09 - written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance

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