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BAD Monday


Recorded autumn 1990 (owned by Walter Chełstowski studio CCS, Warsaw) and spring 1991 (studio Izabelin, Warsaw).

Miro was still looking for musicians to join BAD Monday, when started recording. Zbyszek already abandoned music and Slawek was busy with studying. Miro decided to work with session musicians - amazing Krzysztof Poliński on drums (definitely one of the best drummers I had chance to listen to - just google his discography) and Janusz Płyta on bass.

After only a week five songs were recorded and waiting for final mixing. And then first the owner of CCS changed head in multitrack recorder (if any of you anytime used uncalibrated tape player, you know what kind of disaster and crime that is) and two weeks later "magically" the tape was deleted. What 22survived was first masters only. That was the reason to abandon CCS studios and never go back again. That was also the reason to write the song "Walter is dead" (check it on 4TuneMan's "BAD Monday 30 years later").


Second part of the material was recorded in Izabelin Studio. This time Miro was joined by Slawek on bass and Andrzej Szymańczak on drums. In "Whatever U lust 4" Edyta Bartosiewicz appeared as guest and made the magic with her voice. If you never heard of, you shall listen to her in Holloee Poloy or from her solo materials.


The album was finished, some songs were released on "best of" or "various artists" compilations, but it was never officially released as BAD Monday's album. Remember Walter? He stepped again and managed to block all our contracts. Polish youth shall sing "Polish songs" - what he meant - either you sing in Polish and give him percentage, or you can forget about your career.

Still, that did not stop him from voting on Miro as one of three best electric guitarists in Poland, and to ask Miro to create an official jingle for biggest rock festival in Poland - Jarocin.

(Look at Get it! Section - you will find the original jingle created and played by Miro. The jingle was taken from opening riff to the song written by Miro and called "Happy metal". ("Happy metal" was created as an answer for the question: "what kind of music do you play, guys?". The answer was always "Happy metal, F off").


Recorded 1990-1991 at CSS and Izabelin studios (Warsaw).

- Miro - vocals, guitars

- Slawek Antos (2, 3, 5, 6, 9) and Janusz Płyta† (1, 4, 7, 8, 10) - bass guitars

- Krzysztof Poliński (1, 4, 7, 8, 10) and Andrzej 'Szczota' Szymańczak† (2, 3, 5, 6, 9) - drums

- Edyta Bartosiewicz - backing vocals on 3

Engineered by Leszek "OK, Dave" Kamiński.

Produced by Leszek Kamiński & Miro.


All songs written and arranged by Miro.

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