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Probably every cook in the world cooks a broth once. So is that probably every electric guitar player plays the blues.

Playing blues, or bluesy music is like coming back, to where you came from.

Miro recorded songs of some he was writing at the age of 14 or 18. It was like a journey to his roots.


There is melancholic "In the middle of the night", climatic "Sooner or later" or "Cywilizacja" (Civilization), but also songs presenting young men craving for joy and lust, like "Hej Aniele" (Hey angel), "BLL Boogie" or "Ogień w sercach" (The fire in our hearts).


Nice, relatively easy listening rock/blues music with great brass section.



Recorded at Simple Studios, Warsaw, February-May 2003.

- Miro: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, midi guitar, percussion, programming,

- Brass section: Holy Metal Notes.


All songs written and arranged by Miro.

Produced by: Miro.

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