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"These Songs Were Not Meant For Me"

A demo album.

With songs that Miro wrote for female singer with very nice voice and very ugly attitude. As it happens in life sometimes, the initially very interested in cooperation lady changed her mind and went away.  She decided, she will wait till Prince will write songs for her.


Small chances are, she is still waiting.


Miro decided that, instead of trashing the idea, after changing some lyrics he will sing the songs are record them as quick demo.


Not really the usual style of 4TuneMan, there is no brass section, but for some it can be curious experience (listening to those songs).



Recorded at Simple Studios, Warsaw, summer 2012.

- Miro: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, Variax guitar, percussion, programming.


All songs arranged by Miro.

Produced by: Miro.

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