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Sławek Antos

Bass guitar, vocals

Amazing bass player. As Miro says: "I believe for quite a long time he was to me as John Illsley was to Mark Knopfler. Without him I will end up selling my equipment and switch to some regular job.

Slawek is very intelligent person with great feeling for music. We always had that immediate connection, so whatever ideas I had and I was playing, he was instantly backing me with those ideas of mine perfectly translated to bass. And he has that incredible intonation and is able to play using his fingers so strong, people thing he is playing klang (slapping). It is impossible to reproduce that without his fingers".

Slawek was playing Precision bass. He was the bass player in Tojo, and then naturally moved to BAD Monday.

He left BAD Monday shortly after recording the BAD Monday's "1" album.

Sławek Antos
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