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Mirosław (Miro) Hryckowiak

Guitars, vocals, writing

The engine behind all that jazz.

Born May, 1967 in Poland. Coupled with music since childhood. His mother could not live without music. She was singing constantly and she forced him to listen to possibly all kind of music, from folk to rock, from disco to jazz. She was taking him to some good concerts, like The Police in 1979.

Miro started playing at the age of 7, first block flute, then clarinet. At the age of 10 he got his first classical guitar, very nice Ramirez, that was lost one day on the train. At the age of 13 he got his first bass guitar ("I was really fascinated by The Police, and all those reggae lines Sting was playing were so nice, easy and appealing. I wanted to be the fundament of band and play like him. So I was playing bass and classical guitar").

Yet, at the age of 14, while playing hand ball, Miro broke three fingers in his right palm, severely damaging joints. Playing classical guitar rendered impossible, also playing bass was difficult because of pain and weakness of the right palm fingers. ("My family turned to be amazingly supportive. I received electric guitar and I started to play it using pick. Completely new and fantastic experience. I was still loving The Police, but I started to pay much more attention to what Steward Copeland and Andy Summers been doing. Soon I realized Sting is a great songwriter, but he is great only because of those two guys. The rhythm (Steward) and complex textures (Andy) - those were the pillars for success of The Police. Once realizing that I really started to play electric guitar intensively, spending every minute - and every dime - on it").

And so, he is doing it up till now.

Miro created his first band - Tojo - in 1984. Tojo was meant as a trio - just like The Police and definitely was musically influenced by The Police. Then it was BAD Monday - created in 1988, Rock band with brass section playing a mixture of rock, metal and funk. Band that survived with many personal changes up to 1996, when they played their farewell concert, recorded in S4 studio in Warsaw.

Miro did not stop writing music and after few years of break, he started to record again. As two of the BAD Monday members died in tragic accidents, he decided to not "recreate" the group and be solo artist under the handle 4TuneMan (as he says: "you may interpret it as you want, either as fortune man - which I am definitely, or as for tune man - which I am also, as always I am looking for good tune").

Mirosław (Miro) Hryckowiak
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