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  • Miroslaw Hryckowiak

It's new! It's almost ready for publishing!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

That was not an easy task, really. Old musicians - old friends - hate each other in many cases. And they are fed up with each other (yes, money and fans are changing that, but in private life that doesn't look so pretty). But...

It is here. It is almost ready for publishing. And it's brand new. Not new? OK, Dave. As always you're right. But the facts are here:

  • 17 songs freshly recorded

  • Dynamics, power and fun!

  • Old pricks rocking as always

  • There is a new lady on board (as guest only, unfortunately)

  • Uncompromised energy of old BAD Monday

  • Four songs never released before

At your service. As always ;-)

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