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BAD Monday - the story


I hold in my hand an old, dated 1993 interview with Miro.

- Why BAD Monday?

- I don't like Mondays really, as so many other people do. Perfect name for a band, that is familiar to so many, that so many can identify with, just because of the name.

- OK, why BAD Monday?

- ? Because I wanted to listen to a music other than punk rock and politically oriented bullshit "protest" songs, that Polish radio was filled up with at that time. It was 1988, there really was very little good rock music on our (Polish) scene. And there were no bands I knew from radio, that would sing in English. And I wanted that all. I wanted a band that plays hits. I wanted a band that can be sold all over the world, not limited to local market only because of the language.

- Sounds ambitious. Did you reach your goals?

- No, not really, but I am (we are) working on it.

- Why not yet?

- Because of some greedy guy who says "Polska młodzież śpiewa Polskie piosenki" (Polish youth sing Polish songs) - which means, if you want to be aired in radio and make solid career you must sing in Polish.

- Such a powerful guy. Does he has a name?

- No. But I already wrote a song about him, that I hope we will record soon.

- Title?

- Of the song? "Walter is dead".

- You sound, like you don't like Walter.

- It's a song title. It could be "a-hole is dead" or "that thing is dead".

- Dead like killed? That sounds like a punishable threat.

- Oh no, absolutely no. I mean - I understand your reaction based on the title only. The lyrics simply say - if someone that you think is your friend, acts ugly toward you, just turn your back on him and wipe him out of your memory. Forget him. Let memories of him die in your brain. So, he is "dead" to you. No more related emotions.

- Your explanation calmed me down a bit. So, you are not the guy that runs with a gun after people?

- Geezez, you really asked that question? Yes, I am a guy that loves life, that does not like violence. I don't have a gun. And I am also - I personally believe that - intelligent enough to resolve any conflicts just using my brain instead of physical force. I am a happy man, that plays happy music. Music that shall make the listeners also at least a bit happy.

- So, you - BAD Monday - plays happy music?

- Did you have a chance to listen to "BAD Monday's happy metal"? That is the song that my guitar entry was used as Jarocin jingle in 1991. We play that song sometimes live. Yes, we do play happy music. We enjoy playing, we dance and run on the stage. We love colors. We love music. Music is happiness. And people that coming to listen to us smile, and have a good time.

- I know the jingle from Jarocin - was always sure that was some American guitarist playing that slide.

- No, that was me. Mirosław Hryckowiak. Find Staszek Bokowy - he was engineer in studio, during session when I was recording that special version of this intro for Jarocin.

- I am not prepared.

- Yes, I see <laugh>.

- Happy metal then?

- What shall I answer, when musical journalists and critics were keeping to ask me - what kind of music does BAD Monday play? As they could not really categorize it? So, I did that song as an answer. Jokes on me and my happy metal.

- Which is not metal nor happy?

- You are mean <laugh again>. It is not metal. But it is happy.

- What will be next?

- Brass section. We changed the whole rhythm section, so logical move will be to get real brass section into band.

- "We" mean you?

- "We" as band, BAD Monday. Me as leader. Yes.

- In which songs will they play?

- New ones. I am writing completely new songs. I am also writing mostly in Polish, I gave up eventually. New music. With lot of space for the brass section.

- Last time I saw you live was last year in May at Fugazzi in Warsaw. Where can we see and hear you next?

- Fugazzi was very nice birthday party for me <grim and laugh>. I met Claudia then (don't ask). We've been having huge personal problem in the band after that gig. As for now - there are no plans really for now. At the beginning of summer we shall go as a support for VooVoo, we talk also with DeMono, but nothing is sure yet. Otherwise - look for us on some small local venues around Warsaw. Maybe some students clubs. We shall also play somewhere in Łódź and Kraków. I am not really keen to spend energy on live shows now, as I would like to keep building the band and creating new material. Guys are very busy studying and playing in other - "big" bands. And, as "Walter is dead" maybe we will try Jarocin once again this year. I am, we are - still very young people.


The interview ends like it started, suddenly, like cut in the middle. So is the history and story of BAD Monday.

Band recorded very good first material. That everyone was listening to, or everyone has heard of and knew. Some songs were popular in radio. Yet - it was never officially released as it was not in Polish. The sad story is that at the very same time other band started huge career in Poland singing in English also. But that other band had different management. Maybe.


For years BAD Monday was a place for good or very good musicians, who after few months been landing in the top Polish bands. Because they were good, and after BAD Monday, they could play basically any music in any band. BAD Monday gave few but very good concerts in Poland and abroad. Some of them recorded. Since years lost in the archives of Polish television.


In 1996 BAD Monday recorded their farewell material "Live! at S4". And there was no more BAD Monday. At least in Poland.

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